Change of Pace.

-So, I think I've decided to actually give this blog thing another try!

This means: I'm sorry for all you people that may stumble upon my entries for this or that reason. It'll be a little rough in the beginning, but all comments/feedback is welcome. I have a new idea for this blog though, something a lot less. Well, Cheesy.

My new idea you ask? It's still pretty lame, but at least it'll give me new material. Let's just say that a roommate of mine and I, we like to have a few drinks now and then. And by a few drinks I really mean about 15 shots. And by now and then, I mean every damn weekend. These, as you may have figured cause a few interesting events and conversations. A few of which I think would be funny and/or thought provoking enough to share. We thought about making a YouTube channel with a different intention, but I'll touch on that a little later. Maybe.

I'm also thinking of sharing a few stories about my work experiences. This sounds pretty lame, considering jobs are boring. Mine, though? Let's just say: I work in a very professional environment. [I may decide to share with you what field I'm in if I get comfortable with this stuff.]] Anyways, very professional, but I tell you what: I get the weirdest. Mother fuckers. That walk this planet. I may get inspired and start writing about some of the previous stories, along with ones that currently happen. Anyways, we'll see about that one.

Now that I've wasted your time in explaining myself, I look forward to making a few friends on here. :)


-V- <3
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Saturday Night Shots #1

So here's the deal: I'm TERRIBLE. At motivating myself to come post while I'm drunk. I have a hard time finding my own bed, much less my laptop. So what I plan on doing is taking "notes" throughout the night and posting them on here either the next day or shortly after. Unless of course, the night ends in some boring, lame ass excuse of Saturday Night Shots. Then they will become embarrassing and I refuse to post them. I'm going to type up my first night's notes, leaving in all typos and abbreviations, so it's basically the same thing. ;)

Here goes nothing:

Tonight I was drinking: Pink Lemonade Burnett's Vodka.

12:03 AM || 4 shots in

WAtching Life of Pi. And by watching, I really mean trying to pay as much attention while still taking shots while playing deal or no deal on my phone. Picking case # 4.. or 5, idk. The highest offer we've gotten was for 400,000, but we still had the million on the board. So fuck that banker asshole, we don't want his dirty slut money. Nothing too exciting is going on at the moment though, it's currently 60 something degrees as we sit outside on our patio.

12:47 AM || 8 shots in

I guess we have a new idea to make a youtube channel, but I guess we'll see how that goes. Roommate just left to go pee for the twenty seventh time, and I'm currentlythinking of ways to convince her to go through with this. We'll porbly never get around to it though. My favorite part of this movie, SPOILERS: is when they'r eon the boat and the storm rolls in and he's all like "WHY ARE YOU SCARING HIM?!" Talking about Richard. It's sad. Roommate says she knows how he geels though. (She's scared of lightning, that puss. (;  )

12:58 AM || 9 shots in

Arring at the crazy island they found with all the meerkats, he's looking into the pond and there's several little fish and a big one. I hear my room mate say "GO FOR THE BIG ONE IN THE MIDDLE! IT'S LIKE WINNING A BIG DICK CONTEST."

1:17 || 12 shots in

Going inside now. Roommate has to work at eleven in the morning and i've already kept her later than she should've. We're headingto slep sometime soon, It's about time, I'm tiredas fucinshit.

Goodnight. Don't do drgus.
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